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oct. 1

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Lyall for waluwadjet  \o/

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environment sketches..things…

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im back into my naruto phase 8’))

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Cutie husbandos for Abakkus \o/

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Grig and Jason for Smoppet 

Anonymous ~ hey!! would you ever consider doing commissions in iscribble or something in that similar style? i adore all your iscribble work and would so love to throw money at you for something like it haHAHA... (ps i love ur art so much cries)

hell yeah i would!!! i mean i cant right now bc im BOOKED (plus like 4 commissions from my aunt))
the only reason i didnt offer that in the first place was because i wasnt sure anyone would be interested because theyre so small.
but i would be happy to do commissions on iscribble sometime!!!

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this is my face

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