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ok honestly i had no intention of this being carter when i first started drawing this but i ended up turning it into the time his life changed forever 
his legs are taken in a car accident where he’s pinned for hours with his big sister.. 
he was a late teenager ( a reckless dumb asshole teenager at that ) and he convinced his big sister (i think im gonna name her Lorie, IDK why) to go out and party w/ him.
dont drunk drive kids u kno she ded.
he feels guilty as fuck. his mom doesnt know how to forgive him and he doesnt know how to cope. he feels guilty for draining his parents of their money for physical therapy, medical bills, and his two prosthesis. he felt like he should have died instead. she was far more responsible and intelligent than him. he gets angry and frustrated at himself and self destructive for atleast a year after the accident. after that point he’s just depressed and lost. he doesnt know what hes doing with himself or his future. but he’s trying his best. he wants to be independent, he hates though thought of being dependant on everyone for the rest of his life.. he works as hard as he can to scrape up cash to help pay for what he’s done. 

before i knew anything about carter i knew he had PTSD from the accident (whatever that was at the time), bad dreams, and a fear of riding in cars, (obv something he just has to put up with and keep to himself). 
before the accident  he had a good life though, he might have been a shithead and everyone has problems but he was happy enough. he loved his sister very dearly.

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i tried drawing my fav anime gays

tops-turvyink ~ your art motivates me to keep improving


thank you so much

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30sec figures day 2

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30 second figure draws?? more like adrenaline rush and self hatred LETS GO LETS DO THIS also…study sketches from an anatomy book i have

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tripped n broke

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at a park

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style nd color experiment

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Beside The Apartment

i don’t know where my oc’s live, but i know carter lives in an apartment, and i know i want there to be trees by it. 

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wowza i think i’m gonna paint in SAI from now on


I think i’m ready to start putting more time into my drawings again ^o^

i’ve given myself a long enough break. So„,not as much is going to be posted…but more stuff i’ve spent more time on is. 

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accidentally deleted …

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