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tripped n broke

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i’m jus putting it out there that the porn/nsfw art blog is now a thing 8’)
though i dont have a cool theme or anything for it yet, gomen.

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at a park

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style nd color experiment

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Beside The Apartment

i don’t know where my oc’s live, but i know carter lives in an apartment, and i know i want there to be trees by it. 

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wowza i think i’m gonna paint in SAI from now on


I think i’m ready to start putting more time into my drawings again ^o^

i’ve given myself a long enough break. So„,not as much is going to be posted…but more stuff i’ve spent more time on is. 

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accidentally deleted …

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fragile boy

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did u know i go outside sometimes

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Anonymous ~ Would you ever make something like, a webcomic for your OCs? ^^

Yes ! vwv
I’ve been wanting to for awhile, i’m just still in the process of figuring out a plot and such. i sketch little comics to myself for them quite abit. theres also a lot i’d like to learn about perspective and about comic layouts themselves and such before i begin a comic for them. but it will most likely happen eventually. give me awhile.